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April 11 2016


Can SEO Help Me Grow My Business?

seo Norway
What is SEO?

Search engine optimization uses content, links and shares to help you your online customers help you find. A good SEO campaign can help companies rank higher on engines like google, Yahoo and Bing. So, when potential customers search for your company or its products, they can find you.

seo Norge
With SEO, you are where your customers seek out you.

Did you know that 70% of the links search users click are the ones that earned their way to the top of search engine lists? Why? Well, these companies or products have earned their high ranking due to their website content's value and quality. Through SEO techniques, it is possible to help your company earn its high search engine rank and, thereby, be where your web visitors are when they are looking for you.

SEO builds Trust and Credibility.

Once you've arrived at the #1 spot (or close to it) on position in search results pages, you have now utilized searchers' intuition. A number one ranking tells your clients that you can be trusted and you really are credible. Why? Well, high company search engine results are often earned as customers or industry influencers share its services or products with others. Here are some examples of the way this works:

 Once your customers have visited your web site and determined you do have a product or service that will be valuable for them, they will often share your sites' content onto their Facebook, Twitter as well as other pages, thereby recommending it to other people. Because friends they trust have recommended products to them through shares, consumers who observe the shares will generally trust the brand more. And, they will try the products and after that share the results. These shares makes your brand rank higher on Google because they indicate you have a product customers like.

 Next, if you have high quality material or products that are relevant to your industry, other industry leaders or influencers will usually source your site inside their online content by sharing your links. By doing this, they help you create a reputation as a credible brand. As such, search engines will reward you which has a higher ranking.

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